My kids recently created the "Ninja Chicken" character and drew up a bunch of comic books.  Obviously I had to start working on a platformer.

In-Browser Controls:

Enter - Start
Shift - Select
Z - Jump
X - Attack

31Dec2022 UPDATE:

Development has stopped on this proof-of-concept, and the project has evolved into Kung Pow Chicken.  Leaving the page up for history's sake.

23Apr2022 UPDATE:

  • Added new Level!
  • Original "Level 1" now "Level 2."
  • Improved "Start" menu.
  • Added visual indicator on Title scene when katana mode activated.

26Mar2022 UPDATE:

  • Added Level One "intro" scene.
  • Added katana mode (for now, press "select" at title scene to activate).
  • Added "Bonus" level (must meet benchmarks upon completion of Level One to activate).
  • Added a "return to title scene" dialogue and function to "start" button.

19Mar2022 UPDATE:

  • Increased size of demo level.
  • Added more enemies.
  • Added "completion timer" (thank you @rulz from GB Studio Discord Server)
  • Added basic credits.

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